Cooking for family and friends is the heart and soul of everything we do. It’s a heritage of love passed down through generations of Southern cooks, from a time when every meal was a celebration. We truly love knowing that our company and our product helps to bring families back together around the dinner table. And just look at all of the love that we get back!

“Glory products have been the perfect side dish for my family for years. With the best selection of canned foods, you can’t go wrong.”

- Malcom Family

Family, Father, Mother, Son
Bowl of Collard Greens
2 Girls Holding Cans of Collard Greens

“It says just open, heat and eat. Glory! That’s just our style”

- Person Family

Newark, NJ

Bowl of Tomatoes, Corn, and Okra
Woman Holding Can of Black Eyed Peas

“Very great taste, Like homemade!”

- Lakesha F.

Florence, SC

Bowl of Fried Apples

“We love to mix the greens, The kids eat’em up!”

- Graves Family

Florence, SC

Family of 4 holding Cans of Collard Greens and Green Beans
Bowl of Green Beans and Potatoes
Woman holding Cans of Glory Foods Products

“Glory’s easy to cook. Just open, heat and eat. The kids love it too!”

- Pansey M.

Newark, NJ

Bowl of Tomatoes, Corn, and Okra

“I’ll take all the Glory I can get!”

- Kelly

Florence, SC

Man Pointing to Can of Collard Greens
Bowl of Tomatoes and Okra
Woman Holding Can of Glory Seasoned Collard Greens

“It’s Like Home Cooking In A Can, Love It”

- Teresa G.

Mother, Grandmother

Florence, SC

Bowl of Collard Greens

“It Tastes Like Grandma’s, And I Can Heat & Serve My Favorites In Minutes”

- Carmen W.

Daughter, Mother

Florence, SC

Woman Holding Can of Field Peas and Snaps with Thumbs Up
Bowl of Tomatoes and Okra
Young Girl Holding Can of Black Eyed Peas

“They’re Definitely The Veggies That I Like Most.”

- Caden G.

Daughter, Granddaughter

Florence, SC

Bowl of Green Beans and Potatoes

“My 10 year old son LOVES
your fried apples.”

Carmen Bradley C.

Knoxville, TN

Photo of Child
Bowl of Tomatoes, Corn, and Okra
Picture of Woman

“I have been in love with your products and everything you guys produce. I had a taste when was in Pittsburgh and love them.”

- Cecelia M.

Minot, ND

Bowl of Fried Apples
Woman Holding Can of Green Beans

“I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your canned vegetables! I rarely buy canned, but when I discovered your brand, it’s the only one I buy now. They’re all seasoned beautifully, and are so delicious!!! Thank you for a great product!!”

- Marianne J.

San Marcos, TX

Bowl of Collard Greens

“We use a can of the Tomatoes, Okra, and Corn whenever we make homemade vegetable soup. This one can just adds that extra boost of seasoning that makes the soup.”

- Danny D.

Burleson, TX

Man on Motor Cycle
Bowl of Tomatoes, Corn, and Okra

“I have been using Glory products for years now and it is always my go-to food when I need comfort food. The quality and flavor of the Glory products are beyond words. I can always count on Glory to be well seasoned and it’s an automatic crowd favorite especially around Christmas and Thanksgiving. My favorite is the collard greens. I wish I could make greens as good these on my own!”

- Brittanie W.

Harrisburg, PA

Young Woman in Wedding Dress
Bowl of Green Beans and Potatoes
Woman Selfie

“Delicious! Best canned beans I’ve ever tasted. I will look for your other products next time I’m at the store. Thanks”

- Janene C.

Sandy, OR